'Where Colours Cycle' - Album Tour - March 2014

1 Man - 32 Counties - 32 Days - 32 Shows

Following the release of my debut album 'Where Colours Swim' in November it's time to hit the road & play an old-school country-wide tour! I wanted to throw some extra adventure into the mix so I've decided to travel the whole trip by bicycle!

Same vibe as Forrest Gump's random trek - there's an open invitation to anybody that wants to join in along the way. If you fancy grabbing a rusty ol' pushbike for one of the trips the more the merrier!

Candles, acoustic instruments, sing-songs & a few guest musicians along the way ;)  

All the shows are Free Entry & I would love you to come & listen to the music! Please tell your buddies if they are close to any of the gigs also. 

There are a few details still left TBC but I will be posting a finalised version of the tour in the coming weeks. Also, I will post the exact cycling route we will be travelling for those that fancy a jaunt!

Please click on the link at the top of the page to see the tour dates & details :)